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Hi, Miau here.

I’m currently translating the “KOF for Girls” main story and cards, as well as some old KOF singles, on
[YouTube]. The translations are made into English and Spanish (and also into Portuguese with the help of a friend).

Recently, the number of KOF translation requests across all my projects exceeds what I can handle, so I decided to share the current status of my to-do list with you guys.

Please note that my favorite characters are Kyo, Geese, Iori and Billy and I tend to focus on stories and songs related to them. However, feel free to suggest translations for any other KOFG character story [here] and I’ll consider adding them to the request list.

If you would like to speed up the translation process, I’ve opened donations starting from USD2.00 per video. Any item that gets a donation, even if it's just USD2.00, will be immediately moved to the top of the job queue at the end of the voting period. If several videos get donations, they will be sorted by total donated amount.

If you don’t want to donate, that’s fine! Nothing will change. I’ll keep working on the translations at my own pace, just as I’ve done until now :) ♥

Please read the donation rules [here].

I also accept translation commissions into Spanish and English for any fandom [here].

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Videos currently on my to-do list

These are ordered based on personal preferences; they are subject to change unless one of them receives a donation.

KOFG: Main Story - TOP PRIORITY - Most of the time, I'll be working on this ^^.

Selected videos:
KOFG: SR Benimaru - “Desert Island Romance”
KOFG: SR Iori - “Demon of Temptation”
Thank you so much for your contributions! ^o^♥♥

Next voting period: October 21 to October 28, 2020

KOFG: SR Iori - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: As a summer activity, Iori and Yukari must overcome a courage test together.

KOFG: SR K' - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: Yukari is not doing so well in the courage test. K' sees the situation as a video game.

KOFG: SR Maxima - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: Yukari and Maxima face a courage test in the forest, but they are already planning what they will do at the hotel.

KOFG: SR Shingo - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: There could be ghosts in the forest. Shingo loves ghost stories.

KOFG: SR Ryo - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: Ryo doesn't like bugs. There are bugs in the forest.

KOFG: SR Robert - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: Robert isn't scared of ghosts. Or is he?

KOFG: SR Billy - "Desert Island Romance"
Plot: Yukari thinks there might be a ghost lurking nearby.

KOFG: SR Benimaru - "Maquillage"
Plot: A make-up session with Benimaru.

KOFG: SR Terry - "Demonio de la tentación"
Plot: Yukari and Terry film a wedding ad.

KOFG: SR Shingo - "A Smiling Face"
Plot: Valentine's Day story. Shingo makes chocolates.

KOFG: SSR K' - "Making Memories"
Plot: K''s card story, tied to KOFG's 1st anniversary event. A good day to celebrate.

KOFG: "We Can't Celebrate the Anniversary?! ~ A Long Day at the Daimon Dojo" (one donation = one chapter)
Plot: KOFG's 1st Anniversary event. Everyone is ready to celebrate Yukari's anniversary as a manager, but come midnight, something goes wrong.

KOFG: SR Iori - "Sugu raku ni shite yaru"
Plot: Iori gives Yukari a ticket to his concert. Yukari decides to take Terry along with her (!).

KOFG: SSR Iori - "Sweetness of a Freezing Night"
Plot: Yukari makes Valentine chocolates for Iori.

KOFG: SSR Billy - "Midnight Sentry"
Plot: It's late, and Billy is still up.

KOFG: SR Kyo - "Summer Fun"
Plot: Summer. A hose. Wet Kyo.

KOFG: SR Terry - "A sun-filled room in the morning"
Plot: Yukari is in the kitchen and Terry is shirtless.

KOFG: SSR Bao - "An age when you want to grow taller"
Plot: Bao and Yukari go to the aquarium!

KOFG: Side Story Kyo Kusanagi (one donation = one chapter)
Chapters will be translated at a slower pace, as they are tied to key events of the main story
Plot: Yukari falls for Kyo despite his tsundere act. This is KOFG!Kyo's "route".

KOFG: Side Story Iori Yagami ((one donation = one chapter)
Chapters will be translated at a slower pace, as they are tied to key events of the main story
Plot: Yukari falls for Iori despite his harsh attitude. This is KOFG!Iori's "route".

KOF soundtrack: Kyo Kusanagi - “Pieces” single

KOF soundtrack: Iori Yagami - “Kaze no Allegory”

KOF soundtrack: Kyo Kusanagi - “Tamerai wo yakitsukuse!”

KOF soundtrack: Iori Yagami - “Monochrome”

※ Donations are tallied up every other night, and the list is updated accordingly to reflect the votes.
※※ You can suggest other character/stories [ here ]

Other requests

The songs listed below were requested but these characters are not really my priorities. I'll include an option to pay for them as "commissions" for those interested (USD11 per song, translated and subtitled).

- KOF soundtrack: Athena Asamiya - “wannabe/Misty Eyes” [Commission]
- KOF soundtrack: Yumi Kakazu - “Yuuhi to Tsuki ~ Yasashii Hito E” [Commission]

※ KOF CD Drama: Iori Yagami - "Yuuhi to Tsuki". For this one, I need to see the script in Japanese (kanji). Machine transcriptions are no good. If you ever find the script, send it my way and I'll work on it.


- After the voting/donating period is over and a video is decided, it will be announced here and published within one week.
- In case of tie, I reserve the right to decide the next video based on personal preferences.
- The list only includes videos that I was able to record using my own KOFG account.
- I won't include videos or materials sent as contributions by other fans, unless they expressly allow me to do so by confirming that they are fully aware that I might receive a small profit from the translation job.
- Any donation made to any video/translation grants no right whatsoever over such translation.
- The total donated amount includes both the English and Spanish versions.
- The titles provided in this page are for reference only and they might change during the final translation.
- A request added to these lists does not mean a commitment to translate it in any way, unless it receives a donation.
- Translations are not restricted to the stories listed here. If I'm lucky enough to get a new KOFG card in the gacha and I want to translate it, I'll do it! ^^


How do I know that the service will be fulfilled?
I've been contributing to the KOF fandom for over 20 years. I wouldn’t taint my reputation by failing to fulfill a simple job ^^♥
Are your translations based on Google Translator's version?
Nooo. Google Translator gets the meaning backwards sometimes, and it omits half the sentences when it fails to "understand" the text.
What are your credentials?
I studied Japanese because I wanted to understand Kyo. I have 14 years of professional experience working with translation agencies in French-English-Spanish language pairs. For transparency's sake, please note that I don't work on Japanese translations professionally yet ^^.

In case of inquiry or if you find a technical issue while using this page, contact me at miauneko [at]