About Shades of Flames

If you’re looking at the English version of this page, maybe you found this URL in a KOF BL scanlation and want more IorixKyo / KyoxIori material.

A quick explanation: This has been my personal IorixKyo fansite since 2000, and now it has become a IorixKyo archive for fanfics in Spanish, and arts that people sent to me decades ago.

The doujinshi scans belong to the kof-dj-index Tumblr project, which has released a lot of RAWs and a couple of scanlations. You can find the full index there. It’s mostly IorixKyo and KyoxIori, but there’s some K’, Shingo and Billy Kane thrown into the mix.

If you don’t use Tumblr, updates about scanlations are posted on the DarkCrimson Facebook page. I also retweet a LOT of Kyo and Iori Japanese art on my Twitter account.

I’m trying to keep all my pages English-friendly.

I plan to make this archive English-friendly, eventually (the main page, at least ^.^u).

If you have any doubt or want to talk about KOF and IorixKyo (or KyoxIori), you can contact me at miauneko@hotmail.com

~MiauNeko, 2018