Kyo Kusanagi art

September 4th, 2018

Kyo Kusanagi by [ Yvon Cruz ].

(Posted with the artist’s permission).

[IorixKyo] [Yaoi] Just a Scratch

August 26th, 2018

KOF A New Beginning manga focused on the Kyo vs. Iori fight and it was beautiful. I just had to write a fanfic on the outcome, their injuries, their thoughts. 

This is an adaptation of my original work in Spanish. It’s not really a translation, but rather an adaptation. English is not my first language and the result was clumsy at best, but I’m sharing it anyways because I see people trying to read my fics through Google Translator and I don’t think Google can express the subtleties of the exchanges between Kyo and Iori accurately :).

Title: Just a Scratch
 MiauNeko –
Pairing: IorixKyo, KyoxIori (implied)
Summary: Shortfic with Kyo and Iori meeting at the infirmary after their fight in the KOF A New Beginning manga. And a second meeting before Iori’s ending in KOF XIV.

Chapter 1: His Wounds
AO3 English | Español | Português English | Español | Português
Chapter 2: His Scars
AO3 English | Español | Português
(Not available at FFnet due to NSFW and smut content restrictions.)
~ Finished ~

Tokyo Prison x KOF’98 collaboration

July 30th, 2018


Source: Tokyo Prison 

KOF A New Beginning Manga – Translations

July 10th, 2018

The ship is alive. Burning with passion.

Español (by El rincón de Athena Asamiya):

1-1 |  1-2 | 1-3 | 1-4 | 1-5 | 1-6  
2-1 | 2-2 | 3-1 | 3-2 | 4-1 | 4-2 | 5-1 | 5-2 | 6-1 | 6-2
7-1 | 7-2 | 8-1 | ongoing…


English (by KOF World):

1-1 |1-2 | 1-3 | 1-4 | 1-5 | 1-6
2-1 | 2-2 | 3-1 | 3-2 | 4-1 | 4-2 | 5-1 | 5-2 | 6-1 | 6-2 
7-1 | 7-28-1 | ongoing…


Português (by KOF World Brasil):

1-1 |1-2 | 1-3 | 1-4 | 1-5 | 1-6
2-1 | 2-2 | 3-1 | 3-2 | 4-1 | 4-2 | 5-1 | 5-2 | 6-1 | 6-2 
7-1 | 7-2 | 8-1 | ongoing…

About Shades of Flames

July 7th, 2018

If you’re looking at the English version of this page, maybe you found this URL in a KOF BL scanlation and want more IorixKyo / KyoxIori material.

A quick explanation: This has been my personal IorixKyo fansite since 2000, and now it has become a IorixKyo archive for fanfics in Spanish, and arts that people sent to me decades ago.

The doujinshi scans belong to the kof-dj-index Tumblr project, which has released a lot of RAWs and a couple of scanlations. You can find the full index there. It’s mostly IorixKyo and KyoxIori, but there’s some K’, Shingo and Billy Kane thrown into the mix.

If you don’t use Tumblr, updates about scanlations are posted on the DarkCrimson Facebook page. I also retweet a LOT of Kyo and Iori Japanese art on my Twitter account.

I’m trying to keep all my pages English-friendly.

I plan to make this archive English-friendly, eventually (the main page, at least ^.^u).

If you have any doubt or want to talk about KOF and IorixKyo (or KyoxIori), you can contact me at

~MiauNeko, 2018

[IorixKyoxK’] [Scanlation] Gufutokuku 1 by Razu Yoroi

July 7th, 2018

Gufutokuku 1 
Summary: Kyo finds K’ on the street and takes him home. There’s a little problem, however. Iori is already living in such house.
WARNING: This story is yaoi/boys love. If you’re easily offended by homosexual contents, please be careful before proceeding.
Author: Razu Yoroi
Circle: Urahitoya
Pairings: IorixKyo, IorixKyoxK’ (reversible)

Follow the links for the full version. I can’t upload it to Shades because it’s smut and NSFW ( >ω< ).

My personal comments are behind the cut ^^.

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Kyo-sama – KOF World Art

May 20th, 2018


KOF + Princess Cafe Collaboration

May 14th, 2018

The KOF-themed cafe was announced on May 10th, 2018, as a collaboration between SNK and [ Princess Cafe ].

The event will be available for a limited time, in several cities.

[ Falcoon ] was in charge of the promotional art.


The menu includes:
Kyo no Yakizakana Teishoku (grilled fish), Terry no Club Sandwich, Iori no Chicken Penne Gratin (chicken, because meat in Japan is, oh so expensive^^U), Kasumi no Napolitan, King no Salad, Mai no Ohagibu Dessert with green tea, and Yuri no Blueberry Crêpe.

I translated the menu out of curiosity. Feel free to share it. Credits are appreciated, but are not necessary :D.  [ Spanish version ] [ Portuguese version ]

The drinks include:
Candy Diamond no Coffee, Kula Diamond no Ichigo Sherbet Drink (strawberry sherbet), Athena no Kinako Milk Cocoa (cocoa and soy milk), Momoko no Sawayaka Peach Cocktail (refreshing peach cocktail^^), Hinako no Ice Tea.

[ Spanish version ] [ Portuguese version ]

As is usual in theme cafes, each order includes a random collectible coaster.


There’s also exclusive merchandise:

Mouse pads




More pins

More keychains



Choco marshmallows

Source: [ SNK Online Shop Twitter ]

Dates and business hours:
Princess Cafe Tokyo – Ikebukuro: May 11 to 31, 2018
Princess Cafe Osaka: May 11 to 27, 2018
Princess Cafe Nagoya: June 1 to 7, 2018
Princess Cafe Tokyo – Akihabara: June 25 to July 16, 2018
Source: [PR Times ] and [Princess Cafe Twitter ]