[IorixKyo] [Yaoi] Just a Scratch

KOF A New Beginning manga focused on the Kyo vs. Iori fight and it was beautiful. I just had to write a fanfic on the outcome, their injuries, their thoughts. 

This is an adaptation of my original work in Spanish. It’s not really a translation, but rather an adaptation. English is not my first language and the result was clumsy at best, but I’m sharing it anyways because I see people trying to read my fics through Google Translator and I don’t think Google can express the subtleties of the exchanges between Kyo and Iori accurately :).

Title: Just a Scratch
 MiauNeko – miauneko@hotmail.com
Pairing: IorixKyo, KyoxIori (implied)
Summary: Shortfic with Kyo and Iori meeting at the infirmary after their fight in the KOF A New Beginning manga. And a second meeting before Iori’s ending in KOF XIV.

Chapter 1: His Wounds
AO3 English | Español | Português
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Chapter 2: His Scars
AO3 English | Español | Português
(Not available at FFnet due to NSFW and smut content restrictions.)
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