[IorixKyo] [Yaoi] The truth in a dream

Fanfic written for Kyo’s birthday (2018), inspired by the Harajuku Kiddy Land collaboration and Miss X ending in SNK Heroines.

In the official art for the Kiddy Land event, Kyo and Yuki wore matching outfits: white T-shirt and a pink shirt on top.

Miss X ending is impossible to describe in words. Please, be sure to watch it, or the story won’t make much sense ^o^.

Title: The truth in a dream
Author: MiauNeko – miauneko@hotmail.com
Pairing: IorixKyo, KyoxIori
Summary: [Yaoi] [IorixKyo] Kyo is forced to go shopping and he comes across an irritated redhead.

This fic belongs to the same universe as “Just a Scratch”.

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