KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 1/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

After the company where Yukari Mitsumine used to work filed for bankruptcy, she found a much-needed live-in job at a dojo. She receives a phone call asking her to go to the dojo at a specific time, but there’s no one there when she arrives, except for a goon who is destroying the garden “because the run-down dojo is an eyesore to the neighborhood”.

Yukari threatens to call the police, and the goon tries to attack her, but Benimaru, Shingo and Kyo get in his way. While they are introducing themselves as “fighters”, the goon escapes.

Yukari is surprised when she realizes that the guys in front of her are fighters.

Goro Daimon arrives and explains that she will live and work in the dojo as of that day. All of them introduce themselves properly, but they don’t have time to discuss the specifics of Yukari’s job because Goro produces a letter that has just arrived. It seems to be an invitation to a new KOF tournament.