KOFG – Shingo – SR card – KOFG Academy – Parts 1 and 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

It’s a nice day and Yukari decides to have her school lunch break outside. However, when she’s walking down the hallway, a boy running full speed bumps into her, and her lunch ends up turned upside down on the floor.

The boy apologizes profusely, helps her clean up and, as compensation, offers her the yakisoba pan he was carrying. Yukari insists that it’s not necessary, because she doesn’t want to take the boy’s lunch, but the boy assures her that it’s fine, because he has already eaten and the yakisoba pan wasn’t for him. He rushes to buy another one, but stops, remembering that he didn’t introduce himself.

“I’m Yabuki Shingo, a first year! I’m sorry for everything! Bye!”

He sets off running, and Yukari wonders if he’s with the track and field club.

After school, Shingo is warming up on the yard, ready for practice, and Yukari approaches him to hand him a sports drink as a thank you for the food.

Shingo is surprised to see her there. He’s bummed that Yukari felt the need to thank him for the yakisoba pan, which was his way of apologizing, but he gladly accepts the drink.

Yukari asks her about the yakisoba pan, and the reason why Shingo was buying it for another person. She suspects that Shingo is being extorted for money, and advises him to talk to the teachers. She also offers to go face Shingo’s bully herself.

Shingo quickly explains that it’s a misunderstanding. He buys the yakisoba pan for his senpai, Kusanagi Kyo, because he admires him and wants to be useful to him. No one is forcing him to do anything.

Yukari apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusions. 

“Don’t worry! Mitsumine-senpai… You’re kind. You didn’t get angry back then, and you’re worried about me. I think I like you a lot…!” says Shingo.

Yukari is startled about the “liking” part, but Shingo explains that he meant it in a “I look up to you” way and adds that he hopes they’ll get along from then on.