KOF for Girls – Iori SSR card – An Offered Hand – Parts 1, 2 & 3 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Having finished shopping for the day, Yukari sees a familiar figure sitting by a vending machine.

It’s Iori, and he seems to be talking to someone, maybe on the phone?

“No. That’s enough. Insisting won’t get you anywhere. Go away,” Iori says. Yukari stays where she is, curious. “Don’t argue with me,” Iori adds.

“Uhh, he seems to be alone. Who is he talking to?” Yukari thinks to herself.

“There’s no more milk…” Iori says.

“Nya,” replies a cat.

It seems Iori has been feeding milk to a cat, but now that the milk is over, the cat won’t go away.

The conversation between Iori and the cat continues:

“Didn’t you hear me? There’s no more.”


“It’s empty, do you understand?”


“… Don’t come closer. You didn’t get a word I said, did you?“

Yukari keeps watching. She notices that even though Iori is not smiling, his expression softens when he’s around a cat, and this makes her recall the time Iori took his current KOFG cat in. (And named him “Zarathustra”, “Tsu-chan” for short.)

For the girl, it’s obvious that Iori doesn’t want anyone to see him like this.

Iori stands up and Yukari panics, looking for a place to hide. It’s too late, however, and Iori sees her. He’s not angry, but he’s not interested in hearing her apologies either. He merely picks up the cat, hands him over to Yukari, says “bye” and tries to walk away.

“EHH???” is Yukari’s reaction.

She goes after Iori, who wants nothing to do with the cat. He tells her to take care of it at the dojo, but Yukari doesn’t think this would be possible.

“Then throw it away,” Iori suggests.

“How could I throw him away?!” asks Yukari. 

“Then take it to the dojo.”


While they argue, the cat starts struggling and meowing insistently and Iori has to intervene to calm him down. It’s obvious that the cat has grown attached to Iori. In order to “deal with him”, Iori starts petting him.

“Purr purr,” says the cat.

Yukari suggests going to the dojo to see what can be done about him. Iori agrees to go with her.

Once at the dojo, Yukari prepares a bed for the kitty inside a cardboard box. The cat promptly falls asleep.

“Maybe it feels calm,” comments Iori.

Yukari mentions that the cat is really fond of Iori. Iori says that it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t plan on taking care of the cat.

Yukari guesses that he must have a good reason, but she also feels sad, because the cat looks so content when he’s close to Iori.

Shingo and Bao arrive at the dojo and they are surprised to see Iori there. They are carrying flyers in their hands. Apparently, a cat got lost two days ago. They wonder if the cat in the flyer is the one Iori found, but their fur color doesn’t match.

“Maybe he looks different from the picture because he’s dirty,” says Yukari.

“Then he needs a bath!” says Bao.

Yukari doesn’t know how to bathe cats and she says so.

“Yagami-san, why don’t you help Yukari-oneechan?” asks Bao happily.

“Why me? You help her,” replies Iori.

“I prefer parakeets and I don’t bathe cats,” is Bao’s answer.

Iori sighs and reluctantly agrees.

Yukari and Iori take the cat to the bathroom. The cat struggles when the water starts running.

“Cats dislike water,” Iori explains. “You need to be carefu–”

The cat hisses. Yukari is startled. Iori ends up completely soaked.

“Yagami-san, you’re…” starts Yukari, worriedly, but Iori interrupts her.

“This is nothing but an insignifican–” Iori’s words are cut short by something that could have been a sneeze.

“Yagami-san… did you just… sneeze?”

“It wasn’t a sneeze. Focus on the cat.”


Yukari thinks to herself: “If he says so, better not argue with him…”

Iori comments that this is why he can’t take care of this cat. He would get into fights with the other cats that take shelter at his apartment and this would be troublesome.

Once bathed and dried, the cat looks like the one in the flyer.

“Be glad, it seems we found your owner,” Iori tells the cat.

“Nya…” replies the cat.

However, Yukari notices that the kitty seems sad. He probably doesn’t want to be away from Iori.

Yukari mentions that it’s late and suggests contacting the owner in the morning, to give the kitty a chance to spend more time with Iori.

Iori agrees “just this once” and decides to make company to the cat until then.