Iori Yagami – SR Card – Halloween 1 & 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

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Yukari changes into her Halloween costume and gets Iori’s outfit ready. Now all that is left is to invite Iori to come to the dojo’s Halloween party.
Yukari goes to Iori’s apartment.
“What is the meaning of that outfit, woman?” Iori demands to know.
“Trick or treat!” is Yukari’s reply.
“… Whatever, come in,” Iori says. “So, why are you wearing those silly clothes?”
“Eehh… Do you think this nurse costume suits me?”
“That’s not the point.”
Yukari changes the subject, and hands him the package she’s carrying.
“This one is your costume.”
“My what?” Iori asks, startled, and then he continues: “Are you even listening? I want to know what this is about.”
Yukari explains that Benimaru arranged the Halloween outfits because there will be a party at the dojo…
“It would be nice if you could come too,” Yukari says. “And I brought a costume that I would like you to wear.”
“Nonsense,” argues Iori. “Why would I go to that place? And what’s worse, wearing this absurd outfit.”
“Even so, I want you to come to the party… Because Halloween happens only once a year.”
“It doesn’t concern m–” Iori tries to say, but he’s cut short by Yukari:
“I want the memories of having spent one Halloween with you.”
Iori, literally, goes “……..”
“You won’t?” Yukari asks.
“… Wait there.”
After a while, Iori comes back.
“I changed into the costume, as you asked. Are you satisfied?”
“Y-Yagami-san… It suits you so well.”
“There’s no reason to be so pleased about it.”
Yukari thinks to herself: “B-But he looks so much better than I imagined. He’s tall and the white robes fit him so well…!
“So? At what time is the party?”
“In the evening, so we should hurr–” Yukari doesn’t finish the sentence. “Wait, are you saying you’ll come to the party?”
“If I don’t agree, you’ll keep following me around trying to convince me, won’t you?” Iori points out.
“Ahaha, you got me,” replies Yukari shamelessly. “You look so good, I’m sure everyone will be surprised!”
“Is that what you’re going to wear?” Iori asks.
“Yes, of course. Because a doctor should always have a nurse by his side!”
“… I changed my mind,” Iori says abruptly.
“What?” asks Yukari, but she keeps quiet when Iori grabs her by the arm.
“Halloween is a day on which you can play tricks on others, right?” Iori asks.
“Only if you don’t get candy. And I have yours right here…”
“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want them to see you. Give up your plans and stay here for the rest of the day.”
“T-That’s not…”
“If you have any regret, regret coming here,” Iori says. “So, what is it that you want? I’ll let you decide what trick I should play on you.”