KOF for Girls – Shingo SR card – A smiling face [ENG/ESP/PT]

MC is back at the dojo after doing some grocery shopping. She bought milk, meat, and also a lot of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Shingo greets her in the courtyard and lightheartedly admonishes her for doing the shopping herself, after he offered to take care of it. MC says that it’s fine, because the bags weren’t that heavy.

Robert appears carrying red roses. Yukari asks what’s that about. Robert answers that he got the roses and also some chocolates for her as a Valentine’s present.

Shingo chimes in that on Valentine’s Day, women give presents to men, and not the other way around. Robert replies “That’s how you do it in Japan, but in Italia it’s different. Over there, there are many men who give gifts to women. For example, if a man and a woman don’t have any kind of relationship, Valentine’s is a day on which they can both express their feelings to each other.”

“That’s lovely,” says Yukari.

“Right?” Robert replies. “I also bought chocolates for the guys. Here, Shingo!”

Shingo stammers: “T-thank you… Even though it’s giri-chocolate, it makes me happy!”

(Note: Giri-chocolate is given to acquaintances as an “obligation”, and no romantic attachments are involved).