KOFG & B’s LOG – Interview with Kyo Kusanagi

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This  article was published in the B’s LOG magazine, December 2020, to commemorate the first anniversary of The King of Fighters for Girls.

In addition to a fictional interview with Kyo, the game also launched two stories focused on the photo session and the interview.

Kyo’s story is available with subtitles on YouTube:


The title of the card and the article is “Iki BODY”. “Iki” is a term that refers specifically to a Japanese aesthetic concept of “simple beauty”, a kind of beauty that “looks as if it has occurred naturally”, regardless of how much effort or money it took to achieve it.

A text-only version of the interview is included below, as well as the special illustrations released in the game.

A Body of Refined Beauty

I want touch it! I want to feel it!

Without a doubt, most girls have experienced the shock caused by an attractive male body at some point of their lives! This special feature focuses on men whose refined, beautiful bodies overflow appeal from head to toe, as well as various topics concerning their bodies

His trick is “to not overwork himself”??

The heir of the Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts shares the innermost secrets of a beautiful body.

This special feature focuses on the topic of “bodies of refined beauty”. Kusanagi-san, we would like to talk to you, as the owner of a beautiful body yourself.
Hey… In other words, what you’re saying is that you want to undress me, is that it? Haa… I thought only Benimaru did this kind of thing.