KOF + Princess Cafe Collaboration

The KOF-themed cafe was announced on May 10th, 2018, as a collaboration between SNK and [ Princess Cafe ].

The event will be available for a limited time, in several cities.

[ Falcoon ] was in charge of the promotional art.


The menu includes:
Kyo no Yakizakana Teishoku (grilled fish), Terry no Club Sandwich, Iori no Chicken Penne Gratin (chicken, because meat in Japan is, oh so expensive^^U), Kasumi no Napolitan, King no Salad, Mai no Ohagibu Dessert with green tea, and Yuri no Blueberry Crêpe.

I translated the menu out of curiosity. Feel free to share it. Credits are appreciated, but are not necessary :D.  [ Spanish version ] [ Portuguese version ]

The drinks include:
Candy Diamond no Coffee, Kula Diamond no Ichigo Sherbet Drink (strawberry sherbet), Athena no Kinako Milk Cocoa (cocoa and soy milk), Momoko no Sawayaka Peach Cocktail (refreshing peach cocktail^^), Hinako no Ice Tea.

[ Spanish version ] [ Portuguese version ]

As is usual in theme cafes, each order includes a random collectible coaster.


There’s also exclusive merchandise:

Mouse pads




More pins

More keychains



Choco marshmallows

Source: [ SNK Online Shop Twitter ]

Dates and business hours:
Princess Cafe Tokyo – Ikebukuro: May 11 to 31, 2018
Princess Cafe Osaka: May 11 to 27, 2018
Princess Cafe Nagoya: June 1 to 7, 2018
Princess Cafe Tokyo – Akihabara: June 25 to July 16, 2018
Source: [PR Times ] and [Princess Cafe Twitter ]