KOFG – Benimaru – SR card – Halloween – Parts 1 & 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

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It’s Halloween and the neighborhood association has organized an event where kids will come asking for sweets.
Yukari is getting everything ready at the dojo when Benimaru arrives, dressed as a “sexy vampire”. Yukari praises him, and Benimaru is happy. He says: “Ordering this from one of my preferred brands was worth it.”
Benimaru offers to help with the candy and the children, but first tells Yukari to wear a matching vampire costume. Yukari likes the outfit very much, and Benimaru jokingly tells her: “If you need help putting it on, just call me, okay?”
Yukari replies that she can get dressed on her own and runs to her room.
Later, they have finished handing out sweets. They both enjoyed it a lot. Yukari comments that the children took Benimaru for a real vampire, and he stares intently at her, making her heart race while she confirms that Benimaru is indeed very attractive.
“B-By the way… Are you thirsty? I could make some tea–” says Yukari, trying to break the awkward silence.
She tries to leave but Benimaru stops her.
“I would rather drink your blood… I want to sink my fangs into this beautiful neck and sate my thirst…” he says.
“…?! Are you making fun of me again…?” asks Yukari.
“What would you prefer? A trick? Or to enjoy a moment as sweet as candy? Hurry up and make a choice, you sweet-smelling lady…”
Yukari suddenly remembers that she has some cookies on her.
“I got some cookies from the kids as a sign of gratitude,” she says. “Maybe the sweet smell comes from these… You can have some if you want.” And finally she adds: “A-And I’ll go make some tea!” and runs away.
“Ah, Yukari-chan…” chuckles Benimaru. “Hahah, I didn’t expect that you would try to drive a vampire away with cookies. My god, you’re a cute little devil, I’m helpless against you.”

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