KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 3/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Bao is looking for Terry and Yukari informs him that Terry and his team left moments ago. 

“Are you one of their little fans?” she asks.

The kid retorts that he’s actually a fighter. 

Robert and Ryo appear and comment that Bao shouldn’t be underestimated just because he’s a young kid. He’s strong enough to be the newest addition to the Art of Fighting team. He has trained under a respected master known as Chin, and he has psychic abilities.

Ryo, Robert and Bao charmingly introduce themselves to Yukari before moving on.

Back with Kyo’s team, Yukari sees a menacing redhead approaching them.

The redhead threatens Kyo and tries to fight him right there. 

“Yagami… Let’s settle this during the tournament,” says Kyo.

“Such a dull thing to say. Let’s settle things right now,” Iori replies.

“All I’m saying is that I’ll face you in the KOF ring. Let’s smile and wait here for the opening ceremony,” Kyo insists, but Iori is not having it and he replies:

“No… I’ll crush you right here, and instead of a smile I’ll heartily laugh at you.”

“You really want to do this?” Kyo asks.

“ You’ll start begging for your life? Isn’t it too early? Kukuku, let’s go, Kyo!” mocks Iori.

However, they are interrupted by the Announcer telling the audience to pay attention to the stage.

“Tch. Killjoys,” Iori complains. “You barely escaped death, Kyo.  The next time, let me hear the sound of your agony. Until then, try not to die.”

Iori leaves and Yukari is shaken, because he was “a scary person”. However, Benimaru, Kyo and Shingo assure her that it’s fine, because “Iori only goes after Kyo”. 

Yukari realizes that all of them are already used to the redhead’s threatening attitude, and she thinks to herself that KOF is indeed a mysterious new world.


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