KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 4/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

The presenter introduces the Official Team of this KOF. The team leader is one of KOFG’s original characters, a young man named Yomi. He has teamed up with Yamazaki and Billy Kane. 

Yamazaki is his usual deranged self, while Billy is strangely meek and only mutters broken sentences that sound like “Terry… I’ll kill you…”. The strange purple gleam in Billy’s eyes is an indication that he’s under the control of some unknown power.

The presenter then introduces the host of the event, another one of KOFG’s original characters. His name is Nagi, and he’s the one who sent a letter to the Protagonist, inviting her to the tournament.

Nagi explains that the purpose of the event is to gather strong people, who will have the honor of being selected to populate a utopia, which Nagi calls “Shinsekai” (Divine World).

However, those who aren’t chosen should resign themselves to “return to nothingness”.

After the speech, Nagi sees Yukari among the crowd and he looks pleased, even though Yukari is sure that she doesn’t know the guy.

“Ah… I knew you would come, my princess. Soon, you and I will be in charge of the Shinsekai,” Nagi says.

Yukari can’t make sense of his words. 

“He really seems to know you. Do you recognize him?” Benimaru asks.

“No! I don’t know him!” Yukari replies.

Nagi gets closer to them. Kyo and the others decide to take Yukari somewhere safe because Nagi is “suspicious”. But, even though Kyo tells Yukari not to leave his side, she’s flanked by reporters who noticed that she might have a connection to the “mysterious host”.

Kyo, Benimaru and Shingo lose sight of Yukari among the crowd.


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