KOFG – Main Story Season 1 -1st Arc – Shinsen 4/30 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Yukari is alone in the dojo’s garden, thinking about her new job, telling herself that she needs to become more efficient at everything.

She sees a light near the garden’s shrine, and discovers that there are some stairs going down. She follows them, and finds a small underground, glowing spring.

Nagi suddenly appears, and he seems very pleased to see her. Yukari backs off, and he’s puzzled, because “he felt that Yukari was calling out to him”. He explains that their souls are connected, and that Yukari should be able to “remember everything” soon. He goes on and says that he’s preparing a new world full of blooming flowers, especially for Yukari. He’s currently picking out only the strongest flowers, to ensure that by discarding the ones with unsightly branches, the world will be a beautiful place for eternity. And they will be able to be together there, forever.

Yukari doesn’t understand anything, but she feels an undeniable pull towards Nagi.

Kyo’s voice interrupts them. Nagi says that they will meet again and disappears.

Kyo finds Yukari in the underground enclosure. He orders her to return to her room and go to bed. As she remains on the spot looking uncertain, Kyo says “Jesus, you’re hopeless, come, I’ll take you to your room”. However, he also adds: “Dinner was delicious, and I went too far during morning practice. Sorry about that.”

Yukari apologizes as well, because she was careless during that incident.

Back in her room, Yukari tells herself that, even though Nagi is scary, she will try to ask some questions the next time she sees him.

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