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This  article was published in the B’s LOG magazine, December 2020, to commemorate the first anniversary of The King of Fighters for Girls.

In addition to a fictional interview with Kyo, the game also launched two stories focused on the photo session and the interview.

Kyo’s story is available with subtitles on YouTube:


The title of the card and the article is “Iki BODY”. “Iki” is a term that refers specifically to a Japanese aesthetic concept of “simple beauty”, a kind of beauty that “looks as if it has occurred naturally”, regardless of how much effort or money it took to achieve it.

A text-only version of the interview is included below, as well as the special illustrations released in the game.

A Body of Refined Beauty

I want touch it! I want to feel it!

Without a doubt, most girls have experienced the shock caused by an attractive male body at some point of their lives! This special feature focuses on men whose refined, beautiful bodies overflow appeal from head to toe, as well as various topics concerning their bodies

His trick is “to not overwork himself”??

The heir of the Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts shares the innermost secrets of a beautiful body.

This special feature focuses on the topic of “bodies of refined beauty”. Kusanagi-san, we would like to talk to you, as the owner of a beautiful body yourself.
Hey… In other words, what you’re saying is that you want to undress me, is that it? Haa… I thought only Benimaru did this kind of thing.

This might seem a bit sudden, but, as a fighter, you have participated in several types of tournaments, and you seem to follow a strict training routine.
I wouldn’t call it strict. Putting effort into something is bothersome and I don’t want to do it. But, lately, we have an outstanding manager that sometimes keeps us company during training. And there’s also Shingo, and his never-ending requests to train.

By the way, is there anything you do to take care of the condition of your body?
Eat delicious things, sleep as much as I want. When it comes to results, that’s the most important thing. I wouldn’t want to overwork my body.

I see. A good number of our readers may find themselves having a hard time losing weight or gaining muscle mass. Do you have any type of training you could recommend to young girls?
Are you really asking this to a person who skips out on training?

Yes, anything you could tell us.
Doing something as simple as becoming aware of the muscles you use in your everyday activities can make a small difference. My recommendation may not be a solution to your problems, but if you’re working too hard and driving yourself into a corner, maybe you should take it easy once in a while.

It’s amazing that you can maintain a beautiful body without a conscious effort. What would be your favorite part of your body?
I haven’t given this much thought… My back, maybe? When I take the manager on bike rides, I tell her to hold on to my back because it could be dangerous, and she says that she feels safe.

It seems you and the manager get along very well. As we are already talking about this, with regard to the opposite sex, please tell us what part of their bodies attracts you the most.
If you like a person, you’ll like everything about them, right? But if I had to choose, I’d say the eyes, probably. Because it’s the first part you look at.

Now we will talk about a more private topic—feelings. When there’s someone you like, or someone you find cute, are you the type of man who expresses his feelings through words?
I’m not the type of person who throws sugary words around every day. The few times you say you like someone, or that they’re cute, you get an interesting reaction, and that in itself is “cute”, don’t you think? As is wondering if they will stare at you wide-eyed, blushing fiercely.

But are you the type of person who won’t stop until you find love? Or do you have patience?
It’s not that I won’t stop. I simply won’t give up easily until I find the right person. Instead of giving up on someone and later regretting it, and having second thoughts about your decision, it’s better to hold on to them.

Thank you so much. I think we were able to get a glimpse into your view on love. Well then, you’ll be featured on the back cover together with Yagami Iori-san. Please tell us your impressions of the photo shoot.
The photo shoot with Yagami was the most bothersome thing. Meeting him even outside of KOF is nothing but a headache.
When I think that he completed the photo shoot properly, and that he really did it, I wonder, how did the manager persuade him? Did she have to resort to tears?

To wrap things up, please feel free to share your thoughts about beautiful bodies.
It should be a body achieved through reasonable means. It’s tiresome to exceed your own capacity while thinking that you don’t like your body. Your body is going to be with you for the rest of your life, so it’s fine to indulge it to some degree, and also to discipline it in moderation.

He is the successor of the Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts and can control flames at will. He proudly admits that he dislikes effort, and tends to find things tiresome. He is kind to those he recognizes as his friends, who are plenty. His birthday is December 12. He is 181 cm tall and weighs 75 kg.

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