KOFG – Shingo – SR card – KOFG Academy – Parts 1 and 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

It’s a nice day and Yukari decides to have her school lunch break outside. However, when she’s walking down the hallway, a boy running full speed bumps into her, and her lunch ends up turned upside down on the floor.

The boy apologizes profusely, helps her clean up and, as compensation, offers her the yakisoba pan he was carrying. Yukari insists that it’s not necessary, because she doesn’t want to take the boy’s lunch, but the boy assures her that it’s fine, because he has already eaten and the yakisoba pan wasn’t for him. He rushes to buy another one, but stops, remembering that he didn’t introduce himself.

“I’m Yabuki Shingo, a first year! I’m sorry for everything! Bye!”

He sets off running, and Yukari wonders if he’s with the track and field club.

After school, Shingo is warming up on the yard, ready for practice, and Yukari approaches him to hand him a sports drink as a thank you for the food.

Shingo is surprised to see her there. He’s bummed that Yukari felt the need to thank him for the yakisoba pan, which was his way of apologizing, but he gladly accepts the drink.

Yukari asks her about the yakisoba pan, and the reason why Shingo was buying it for another person. She suspects that Shingo is being extorted for money, and advises him to talk to the teachers. She also offers to go face Shingo’s bully herself.

Shingo quickly explains that it’s a misunderstanding. He buys the yakisoba pan for his senpai, Kusanagi Kyo, because he admires him and wants to be useful to him. No one is forcing him to do anything.

Yukari apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusions. 

“Don’t worry! Mitsumine-senpai… You’re kind. You didn’t get angry back then, and you’re worried about me. I think I like you a lot…!” says Shingo.

Yukari is startled about the “liking” part, but Shingo explains that he meant it in a “I look up to you” way and adds that he hopes they’ll get along from then on.

KOFG – Kyo – SR card – KOFG Academy – Parts 1 & 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

It’s a nice day and Yukari decides that she wants to have lunch at the school’s apparently empty rooftop. She gets ready to eat, but a student calls out to her and asks what she’s doing there. Startled, she explains that she wanted to have lunch in the rooftop.

This, for some reason, amuses the student, because he finds this “unusual”. 

Yukari doesn’t understand what’s “unusual” about it, because she has just transferred to the school and doesn’t know much about it.

The student introduces himself as Kusanagi Kyo. They realize they are in the same class, but Yukari has never seen him, because Kyo spends class hours taking naps on the rooftop.

Yukari offers to leave him alone and go eat somewhere else, but Kyo tells her that it’s fine. She can have lunch there, and he’ll sleep.

Again, Yukari gets ready to eat, and notices that Kyo is staring intently at her. Or rather, at her food.

“Did you make that bento?” Kyo asks. 

“Yes. I love cooking. By the way, did you eat already?”

“Not yet. I was asleep until a moment ago.” Kyo keeps looking at Yukari’s food and adds: “Humm. Grilled fish, huh? It looks tasty.”

“Would you like to try some of my obento?” offers Yukari.

“Hmph. Okay, that fish, I’ll take some of it,” says Kyo sounding pleased.

Kyo discovers that Yukari is a really good cook. He tells her that she can continue coming to the rooftop if she wants, provided that she brings an obento for him as well.

Yukari accepts, and Kyo says that he’ll look forward to it.

KOFG – Main Story Season 1 -1st Arc – Shinsen 4/30 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Yukari is alone in the dojo’s garden, thinking about her new job, telling herself that she needs to become more efficient at everything.

She sees a light near the garden’s shrine, and discovers that there are some stairs going down. She follows them, and finds a small underground, glowing spring.

Nagi suddenly appears, and he seems very pleased to see her. Yukari backs off, and he’s puzzled, because “he felt that Yukari was calling out to him”. He explains that their souls are connected, and that Yukari should be able to “remember everything” soon. He goes on and says that he’s preparing a new world full of blooming flowers, especially for Yukari. He’s currently picking out only the strongest flowers, to ensure that by discarding the ones with unsightly branches, the world will be a beautiful place for eternity. And they will be able to be together there, forever.

Yukari doesn’t understand anything, but she feels an undeniable pull towards Nagi.

Kyo’s voice interrupts them. Nagi says that they will meet again and disappears.

Kyo finds Yukari in the underground enclosure. He orders her to return to her room and go to bed. As she remains on the spot looking uncertain, Kyo says “Jesus, you’re hopeless, come, I’ll take you to your room”. However, he also adds: “Dinner was delicious, and I went too far during morning practice. Sorry about that.”

Yukari apologizes as well, because she was careless during that incident.

Back in her room, Yukari tells herself that, even though Nagi is scary, she will try to ask some questions the next time she sees him.

KOFG – Main Story Season 1 -1st Arc – Shinsen 3/30 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Yukari is getting ready to go buy some groceries. Shingo appears and insists that he wants to go with her, looking for excuses like “carrying bags is good exercise”, or “it’s a long walk to the supermarket”. Yukari insists that there’s no need, and Shingo lets it slip that it was Kyo’s idea to not let Yukari go out on her own. Shingo begs her not to say anything, because it was supposed to be a secret.

On the way to the supermarket, they talk about dinner. Shingo would love to have hamburgers, either with teriyaki sauce, grated radish or even a cheeseburger. Yukari apologizes and explains that Daimon told her to prepare grilled fish, specifically the one called sanma. However, she ponders if she should prepare something Shingo likes instead, seeing that he’s going all the way to the supermarket with her.

Shingo quickly tells her not to. He thinks Daimon asked for sanma because it’s Kyo’s favorite dish. And if Yukari manages to present Kyo with a perfectly prepared grilled sanma, then maybe…

Shingo stops talking abruptly, and panics because this was supposed to be a secret too!

Back at the dojo, Yukari not only prepares grilled sanma, but also fish soup. Benimaru, Shingo and Kyo arrive and start eating. They praise the food, and Shingo asks for another serving. Kyo does too. Yukari happily serves them more food. Benimaru is displeased because by asking for more servings, they aren’t allowing Yukari to eat her food in peace. However, Yukari says that it’s fine. She’s happy that they are enjoying the food so much.

Kyo mocks her about being happy with such a thing, and Benimaru and Shingo point out that Kyo is already on his THIRD serving. They wonder if Yukari’s superb cooking has anything to do with it. Kyo blushes, grumbles that he was hungry, and asks for more food.


KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – 1st Arc – Shinsen 2/30 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Kyo is late for morning practice at Daimon’s dojo. Benimaru jokingly asks him if he intends to win the KOF by being lazy. Kyo answers that they can find out with a fight, and Shingo volunteers to go first against him.

Shingo gets so carried away by the fight that he loses track of his surroundings and almost crashes against Yukari, who was watching the match.

While Shingo apologizes, Kyo loses his patience at Yukari.

“It’s dangerous to just stand there like an idiot! Don’t hang around idly while we’re training!” he yells.

Benimaru intervenes, telling Kyo that there are better ways to talk to Yukari. Kyo doesn’t get what he’s referring to, because his intention was to warn her about the danger and nothing else. Benimaru doesn’t push it, but he says that they can clarify the issue with their fists.

Yukari is worried, but Daimon tells her that it’s fine, that this type of discussions happen “all the time”, because that’s how fighters settle their differences.

Later, while preparing breakfast, Yukari reflects about how hard it is to live with fighters. Daimon reads her thoughts on her face and asks her not to focus on the negative aspects. He explains that Kyo was appointed head of the Kusanagi family and Kusanagi Ryuu when he was fifteen years old, making him awkward at everything except fighting. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Yukari should forgive Kyo for everything he does or says, but Daimon explains that, as Shingo and Benimaru appreciate Kyo, maybe Yukari will be able to see some good in him as well.

Yukari clarifies that she doesn’t think Kyo is a bad person. She was just startled when he yelled at her. With this out of the way, Daimon asks Yukari to go for groceries to prepare dinner later. She suggests buying meat, because the fighters need to  replenish their stamina, but Daimon tells her to buy fish instead, Kyo’s favorite food.