KOF for Girls – Shingo SR card – A smiling face [ENG/ESP/PT]

MC is back at the dojo after doing some grocery shopping. She bought milk, meat, and also a lot of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Shingo greets her in the courtyard and lightheartedly admonishes her for doing the shopping herself, after he offered to take care of it. MC says that it’s fine, because the bags weren’t that heavy.

Robert appears carrying red roses. Yukari asks what’s that about. Robert answers that he got the roses and also some chocolates for her as a Valentine’s present.

Shingo chimes in that on Valentine’s Day, women give presents to men, and not the other way around. Robert replies “That’s how you do it in Japan, but in Italia it’s different. Over there, there are many men who give gifts to women. For example, if a man and a woman don’t have any kind of relationship, Valentine’s is a day on which they can both express their feelings to each other.”

“That’s lovely,” says Yukari.

“Right?” Robert replies. “I also bought chocolates for the guys. Here, Shingo!”

Shingo stammers: “T-thank you… Even though it’s giri-chocolate, it makes me happy!”

(Note: Giri-chocolate is given to acquaintances as an “obligation”, and no romantic attachments are involved).


KOFG – Shingo – SR Card – Halloween – Parts 1 and 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Shingo and Yukari have finished giving out sweets to the neighborhood’s kids.
“Oh man~, today was so much fun! Everyone was so excited!” says Shingo.
“It was! The kids of the neighborhood loved your vampire costume so much!” says Yukari.
“I don’t know what I would have done if I had frightened them…”
Yukari thinks to herself that Shingo’s kindness was evident despite his vampiric costume, and the kids loved him for that reason.
They decide to eat the remaining sweets together, and Shingo jokingly says:
“Trick or treat! If you don’t give me sweets, I’ll play a trick on you! Roar~!”
Yukari chuckles, and decides to give him some candy, but she adds:
“However, I would allow a trick if the vampire happens to be like you, Shingo-kun.”
Shingo is pleasantly surprised and quickly apologizes: “It’s not that I want to play tricks on you!” he says.
Yukari also apologizes for saying weird things, but her heart beats faster when she tries to imagine what kind of trick Shingo would play on her.
They talk about Halloween and costumes again. Shingo had fun playing a scary role, but he laments being so busy with the kids that he didn’t get a chance to see the other “monsters”. He was looking forward to being frightened by them.
Yukari recalls that Shingo loves ghost stories. It makes sense if he’s also interested in Halloween creatures.
She goes for it and says: “T-Trick or treat!” Shingo is startled and she adds: “I-If you don’t give me sweets, I’ll play a trick on you!” But then she apologizes again, because she’s not scary at all.
Shingo is moved, because she tried to scare him after he said that he was looking forward to being frightened.
“By the way, what kind of monster are you?” Shingo asks.
“Eh… well… A vampire just like you, right? That’s why… er… I’ll drink your blood!”
“Uooh! So scary~!” says Shingo. And then he adds: “ But… I would be fine with letting such a cute vampire drink my blood…”
Yukari goes: “…!!” before Shingo apologizes once again.
“Ah, ahaha… Alright, I’ll give you sweets instead—” says Shingo, but then he realizes that he has eaten them all!
Both Shingo and Yukari share an awkward silence.
And finally Shingo says: “It’s fine if you play a trick on me… As long as you’re the one doing it, it’s fine…!”

KOFG – Kyo – SR card – Halloween – Parts 1 & 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

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In September 2020, KOFG released the first part of a Halloween-themed gacha.

The story focuses on a Halloween party to be held at the dojo, and Shingo made arrangements for everyone to be dressed up in special costumes.

This is the story included in Kyo Kusanagi’s SR card.

~ * ~

Kyo is in his room, dressed as a vampire for Halloween, complaining that Shingo gets too carried away.

It seems Shingo made arrangements so everyone would have a Halloween costume, and they are throwing a Halloween party that day.

“By the way, what will you wear today?” Kyo asks Yukari.

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t checked yet. I’ll go change,” the girl replies.

Turns out, Yukari’s costume is a very revealing maid outfit. Kyo is stunned speechless when he sees her, and he can only wonder if Shingo got her size wrong.

Yukari notices that Kyo is even backing away from her, so she desperately looks for something to say, and she quips: “Trick or treat!”

Kyo has no idea what that is about, and she explains that it’s a Halloween custom to give sweets, or otherwise a prank might be played on people.

“I don’t have any sweets,” Kyo says.

“Then I’ll trick you!”

However, things don’t go as Yukari planned, because Kyo is genuinely interested.

“Oh? What kind of trick?” he asks.

“I-I’ll tickle you!”

“Ehh? Then go ahead,” challenges Kyo.


Yukari finds it really hard to tickle Kyo, because he’s looking at her all dignified and imposing in his vampire outfit.

 “What’s wrong? You won’t trick me?” teases Kyo. “Fine, then I’ll do it.”

“Y-You are going to trick me?”

“Today I’m a vampire, I want to drink blood.”

Yukari is startled when Kyo brushes her neck. She tries to make up some excuse, like having to take care of the party’s food, but Kyo doesn’t listen and moves closer.

The screen then goes black.

Some seconds (minutes?, hours?) later, they hear Shingo calling out in the hallway. Everyone is waiting for them.

Yukari replies that she’ll be there right away, and urges Kyo to join the others.

Before leaving the room, Kyo puts his vampire mantle over Yukari. She asks why.

“Are you really going to show up before the others looking like that?“ he points out.

Yukari agrees that Kyo is right and thanks him.

He says that it’s nothing, and adds: “After the party, we’ll continue what we were doing,  alright?”


KOFG – Shingo – SR card – KOFG Academy – Parts 1 and 2 [ENG/ESP/PT]

It’s a nice day and Yukari decides to have her school lunch break outside. However, when she’s walking down the hallway, a boy running full speed bumps into her, and her lunch ends up turned upside down on the floor.

The boy apologizes profusely, helps her clean up and, as compensation, offers her the yakisoba pan he was carrying. Yukari insists that it’s not necessary, because she doesn’t want to take the boy’s lunch, but the boy assures her that it’s fine, because he has already eaten and the yakisoba pan wasn’t for him. He rushes to buy another one, but stops, remembering that he didn’t introduce himself.

“I’m Yabuki Shingo, a first year! I’m sorry for everything! Bye!”

He sets off running, and Yukari wonders if he’s with the track and field club.

After school, Shingo is warming up on the yard, ready for practice, and Yukari approaches him to hand him a sports drink as a thank you for the food.

Shingo is surprised to see her there. He’s bummed that Yukari felt the need to thank him for the yakisoba pan, which was his way of apologizing, but he gladly accepts the drink.

Yukari asks her about the yakisoba pan, and the reason why Shingo was buying it for another person. She suspects that Shingo is being extorted for money, and advises him to talk to the teachers. She also offers to go face Shingo’s bully herself.

Shingo quickly explains that it’s a misunderstanding. He buys the yakisoba pan for his senpai, Kusanagi Kyo, because he admires him and wants to be useful to him. No one is forcing him to do anything.

Yukari apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusions. 

“Don’t worry! Mitsumine-senpai… You’re kind. You didn’t get angry back then, and you’re worried about me. I think I like you a lot…!” says Shingo.

Yukari is startled about the “liking” part, but Shingo explains that he meant it in a “I look up to you” way and adds that he hopes they’ll get along from then on.