KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 3/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Bao is looking for Terry and Yukari informs him that Terry and his team left moments ago. 

“Are you one of their little fans?” she asks.

The kid retorts that he’s actually a fighter. 

Robert and Ryo appear and comment that Bao shouldn’t be underestimated just because he’s a young kid. He’s strong enough to be the newest addition to the Art of Fighting team. He has trained under a respected master known as Chin, and he has psychic abilities.

Ryo, Robert and Bao charmingly introduce themselves to Yukari before moving on.

Back with Kyo’s team, Yukari sees a menacing redhead approaching them.

The redhead threatens Kyo and tries to fight him right there. 

“Yagami… Let’s settle this during the tournament,” says Kyo.

“Such a dull thing to say. Let’s settle things right now,” Iori replies.

“All I’m saying is that I’ll face you in the KOF ring. Let’s smile and wait here for the opening ceremony,” Kyo insists, but Iori is not having it and he replies:

“No… I’ll crush you right here, and instead of a smile I’ll heartily laugh at you.”

“You really want to do this?” Kyo asks.

“ You’ll start begging for your life? Isn’t it too early? Kukuku, let’s go, Kyo!” mocks Iori.

However, they are interrupted by the Announcer telling the audience to pay attention to the stage.

“Tch. Killjoys,” Iori complains. “You barely escaped death, Kyo.  The next time, let me hear the sound of your agony. Until then, try not to die.”

Iori leaves and Yukari is shaken, because he was “a scary person”. However, Benimaru, Kyo and Shingo assure her that it’s fine, because “Iori only goes after Kyo”. 

Yukari realizes that all of them are already used to the redhead’s threatening attitude, and she thinks to herself that KOF is indeed a mysterious new world.


KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 2/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

Goro shows Kyo, Benimaru and Shingo the letters that have just arrived. They look like invitations to a new KOF, but Goro is puzzled because Yukari Mitsumine has also received one.

She’s dumbfounded. When asked if she’s actually a fighter, she denies it, and explains that she has never heard of KOF before. Kyo explains that KOF stands for “The King of Fighters”, a tournament that gathers fighters from all around the world.

Yukari says: “Ah, like the pro wrestling championships I’ve seen on TV!”

Shingo is quick to correct her: KOF is a mixed martial arts tournament, not a pro wrestling championship.

Yukari apologizes for her ignorance saying that she can’t really tell the difference.

Kyo intervenes to say that wrestling and martial arts are completely different things and questions Yukari’s suitability to work in a dojo where there are, you know, fighters.

She assures him that she can do it. She can clean and cook and do laundry!

Kyo wants her to do more than that and perform as the team manager as well.

“Manager?!” echoes Yukari, stunned.

Benimaru and Shingo like the idea.

Then they notice that one of the envelopes, the one addressed to Yukari, seems to contain a letter. Kyo reads it aloud:

“To my princess, who is living in this present world,
I’m preparing blooming flowers for you, my princess. This time I won’t leave you behind. I know, you’re calling out to me. That’s why I’m making a paradise with flowers in bloom. I want you to come to the opening ceremony, where you’ll be able to see the flower buds.
I’ll be waiting for you at the venue, my beloved princess. Signed, Nagi.

Kyo is perplexed at the tacky letter. Benimaru comments that it sounds like a love letter. Despite being addressed to her, Yukari has no idea what’s going on. They all decide to attend KOF to find out about this “Nagi”.

The day of the opening ceremony, Shingo is excited, Benimaru is already seeing himself as the winner, and Kyo is being realistic. Yukari is amazed at the amount of reporters from all over the world and finally understands that KOF is really a big deal.

Some flashes catch her attention and Shingo explains that the only one who can attract so many reporters is “him”, Terry Bogard, the champion of the previous KOF.

Terry, Andy and Joe are there, bathed in the flashes of the cameras. Terry notices Yukari and greets her, asking if she’s a new participant. She stammers that she’s just there to observe.

Benimaru introduces her as the new manager. Kyo quips that she’s a “manager apprentice” for the time being. Terry & Co. are pleased to meet her, and exchange some challenging words with Kyo’s team in a very friendly manner.

KOF for Girls – Main Story Season 1 – Prologue 1/5 [ENG/ESP/PT]

After the company where Yukari Mitsumine used to work filed for bankruptcy, she found a much-needed live-in job at a dojo. She receives a phone call asking her to go to the dojo at a specific time, but there’s no one there when she arrives, except for a goon who is destroying the garden “because the run-down dojo is an eyesore to the neighborhood”.

Yukari threatens to call the police, and the goon tries to attack her, but Benimaru, Shingo and Kyo get in his way. While they are introducing themselves as “fighters”, the goon escapes.

Yukari is surprised when she realizes that the guys in front of her are fighters.

Goro Daimon arrives and explains that she will live and work in the dojo as of that day. All of them introduce themselves properly, but they don’t have time to discuss the specifics of Yukari’s job because Goro produces a letter that has just arrived. It seems to be an invitation to a new KOF tournament.