[Translation] Devotion ~ The Sunset Sky Final – Geese Howard image song

This year (2019), for Geese Howard’s birthday, the Power Geyser FB page released a videoclip with Geese’s image song and lyrics, translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.


今すべてを 時が変えて
Ima subete wo
toki ga kaete
bokutachi wo kuruwaseta
Time is
changing everything
throwing us off-balance
悲しみが 渦巻く街
Kanashimi ga
uzumaku machi
utsumuku kage ga yureru
A flickering shadow
is cast upon this town
amidst swirls of sorrow
嘆きの声 届かない夢
Nageki no koe
todokanai yume
todomaru koto no nai jounetsu
ai sae kiete yuku kono machi
samayou itoshiki hito
A grieving voice
An unreachable dream
A passion that can’t be stopped
A beloved person wanders
in this city where even love has disappeared
それぞれにある 夢を追いかけて
君の 心が導くまま
Sorezore ni aru yume wo
oikakete kimi no
kokoro ga michibiku mama
Your heart guides you
while you chase
each one of your dreams
時は巡り 君が起こす奇跡 
永遠の夢 抱いて
Toki wa meguri kimi ga okosu kiseki
eien no yume idaite
ashita ni arukidasou
boku to
Time goes by, you embrace an everlasting dream
that can work miracles
When tomorrow comes
walk with me
またひとつ 無くしてゆく
Mata hitotsu
nakushite yuku
taisetsu na omoide mo
Even if
the treasured memories
are lost once more
戦いは 譲ることの
Tatakai wa
yuzuru koto no
dekinai saigo no kake
This is the last gamble
in a fight
I can’t relinquish
いつか君が 話してくれた
Itsuka kimi ga hanashite kureta
hageshiku afuredasu yuuki ga
takanaru yume wo kanae saseru
haruka na toki wo koete
One day, the intense overflowing courage
you told me about
will grant that vibrant dream
that transcends into a faraway time
限りなくある未来 駆け抜ける風
僕は 答えを探してゆく
Kagirinaku aru mirai
kakenukeru kaze boku wa
kotae wo sagashite yuku
Like a wind that blows
through a neverending future
I search for an answer
誰もが思い描く よみがえる夢
Dare mo ga omoiegaku
yomigaeru yume
komiageru namida
Everyone can imagine
A revived dream
Overwhelming tears
それぞれにある 夢を抱きしめて
僕と 明日へ歩き出そう
Sorezore ni aru yume wo
dakishimete boku to
ashita he arukidasou
Embrace each one of your dreams
and walk with me
into tomorrow
いつの日か 願いはかなう 
自分の夢を守り そして 
Itsu no hi ka negai wa kanau jibun no
yume wo mamori soshite
tatakai tsuzukete yukou
One day my wish will come true
I’ll protect my dream, and
and I’ll keep on fighting
遥か時を超えて Haruka toki wo koete… Into the distant future…
I have a dream! I have a dream!!! I have a dream!
Vocals: Kong Kuwata (コング岩田)
Translation: MiauNeko


My personal comments are behind the cut ^^.

I did the translation ldkfjdlkf, I’m so happy *-* ♥♥♥.

This song was included in the “Neo Geo Guys Song Collection” album (ネオ・ジオ・ガイズ・ソング・コレクション) and it has existed since 1999. It is the vocal version of the “Real Bout Fatal Fury” ending.

Meaning that Geese-sama sang these touching lyrics years ago, and we didn’t know , even though the song was right in front of us *v*.

Once again, being able to translate SNK material to share with fans proves that the effort of learning Japanese is worth it. I kept repeating myself, but this is a big deal to me :’), because I know that there are many people who have more advance Japanese skills than me but… only a few of them translate for the SNK fandom (why?? ToT). Sharing this kind of things make me happy TvT.

My Japanese level is N4, bordering on N3. If you have any comment or correction, please, don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll take it into account ♥. You can find me at miauneko@hotmail.com and I’m @miauneko in most social networks.

To the kind soul who edited the video ^.^~ ♥ Thank you for your time and dedication :*

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